Friday, March 27, 2015

When I Don't Post for Awhile...

So when I don't post for awhile, I'm writing. I think about this site, think about stuff to tell you about (Cacao in Eagle Rock - just found it, am never gonna let it go, Mark Peel's new shack has opened up at Grand Central Market - have to go there and can't believe I haven't yet, and my friend Laurie told me about secret hikes that we will go on) and I sometimes visit and see the pictures I posted and I'm like I gotta post new pictures! I gotta honor the people and businesses I photographed in Silverlake, etc., etc. But the good news about when I'm not on here is I'm writing scripts.

It's not always easy. Writing can be a lonely business (unless you're staffed on a show and maybe even then if you don't like the staff!). I sometimes feel like I'm going nuts. One of the reasons I started this blog was if I had writer's block, I could write something different, factual-oriented, just to break up the monotony. If you're stumped and aren't coming up with the goods, a blog post can be a great palate cleanser. And seriously, just to emerge from the cave known as home and be in the sunshine and take photos and see art and eat good food -- who wouldn't want to do that? I'll tell you who, a depressed writer, staring at a blank screen. So the blog really is a sort of salvation for me. Hopefully it gives people a fun idea of what to do and see in my town and it really gives me a break.

So anyway, I'm on the cusp of getting super precious and I actually think it's really boring to talk about writing in the blog. But I just wanted some sort of an explanation as to why so absent. I love this site so much. It's been a salvation for me. And it isn't going anywhere. Swear!

Please keep visiting - I'm closing in on 30,000 hits! That's a lot for someone like me! And if you have stuff you want me to visit, please get in touch. Would love to hear about it. I am slowly clawing my way back to civilization, the sunshine beckons, the burgers smell delicious and the cave is not as alluring as the beach.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Larry Sultan LACMA Oxygen

I fucking love art and I love my friends. On a sunny day, when you should be doing this and you should be doing that, the reality is you're not doing this and you're not doing that and it's not good lying around, perusing social media and basically NOT GETTING SHIT DONE. So, the first order of business is to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. The next is to realize you live in an incredible city with incredible people and incredible beauty and insight. The next? Breathe....
Beautiful Stephanie, with Oxygen (which by the way, cured her migraine!)
This Sunday, a friend of mine, Heather, invited some girls over for a Valentine's Brunch at her place near LACMA where she prepared quiches, coffee and pulled out an oxygen tank.
Heather practically air guitaring her oxygen tank
I love oxygen. I just had no idea how sexy it could make someone look but seriously, my friends look hot with oxygen masks on! Anyway, it was fun to hang out, catch up, have girl talk and use her oxygen mask (and her massage chair which is not like the massage chair at the nail places. It's really good).

Afterwards I had THE BEST TIME because like an addict, I went to nearby LACMA for yet another hit of Larry Sultan.
Sharon Wild, by Larry Sultan
Larry Sultan is AMAZING. He grew up in The Valley and took these outstanding photographs to interpret, reimagine, and make good of his upbringing, environment and family. Some of the most unnerving, comical, disturbing and provoking photos are the ones he took of porn stars and porn production. I've never seen anything like it. Like this one above of Sharon Wild. The bare mattress, the weird pink gauze-y sheet, the suitcase. Her face with anger, acceptance, sadness? Her pose of protectiveness, like "I'm off the clock, Larry, you don't get this when I'm off the clock, you get me." 

But it's the photos of his parents that sell it. So uncomfortable, so comical. And I love the quote on the wall that he took these photographs, motivated by this desire to stop time; that he wanted his parents to live forever:
There's something so vulnerable, so sweet, so human, so bare and this feeling like They're just trying. They're just people. They're just giving it their best shot with what they have at the moment in time, in their generation. Oh my God, the photos of his parents just killed me.

LACMA is seriously one of the best museums on earth. I'm sure of this. And it's right here, right in our backyard. Right real close to Heather's house. I mean she could walk there. And what is so cool was on Sunday after Heather's, my husband met me there. First I showed him Larry Sultan but then we went to the top floor of the Broad Contemporary Bldg. to the Abstract show, which, by the way, he had made some cracks about because I think it's called "Conversations In and Around Abstract Painting." I mean that is pretty fun to make fun of but then, of course, the show won us over AND we stumbled upon an amazing fact: a friend of my husband's is in the show!
Terry, my husband, beside HIS FRIEND'S ART: Love Forever (Cave) for MW by Mary Weatherford
Yeah, we're gonna talk about that shit now, right? We were so pleasantly surprised. I mean so much so that when he looked at Mary's piece, appropo of nothing, he said, "I like that one." And then we got up close and realized it was Mary's! Of course when I realized this, I told anyone who would listen, Yeah, we know the artist. Yeah, she's a local. A good friend of my husband's. Uh huh. So fucking cool! 
Abstract Art at LACMA in one of those PAN photos which I'm not sure is a good or a bad iPhone feature
So if you go to LACMA, and if you're smart you will, go check that out. And while you're on that floor, check out the movie(s) entitled Touch Parade in the room behind Mary's. There's a piece there featuring this guy wearing a white sneaker rolling around a pickle until he crushes it with his foot. I know that might not sound entertaining but for some reason it's EXTREMELY entertaining.

But really, the big thing is to make sure you see Larry Sultan's show.
Collaboration with Mike Mandel - billboards they had put all around LA
Incredible re-imagining of Larry Sultan's upbringing by extracting stills from home movies
Off Sepulveda, 2001 (creepy porn moment - but amazing shot)

LACMA is at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, LA, CA 90036. Hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11-5. Friday 11-8. Saturday and Sunday 11-7. Daily "children" under 17 can go for free, as long as they're accompanied by at least one adult (reminds me how I used to get into Danceteria in NYC). After 3p on Mondays and Fridays, LACMA is free to LA residents, but bring proof of residency like your license. Also the 2nd Tuesday of each month LACMA is free to all. YAY! If you're going on a weekday, parking on Wilshire is not allowed after 4pm. So park on 6th for metered parking and walk through the back. It's nice to enter that way anyway. You get to walk by the Tar Pits that always look lame to me but if you have a kid with you, they might think that's cool.

Why is a guy crushing a pickle with a white sneaker so freakin hypnotic?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Music in LA Tonight: Michiko Freemond

Ah, good music. Could it trump football? Superbowl Sunday is a national holiday and we would get off work if we worked on Sundays. Some of us do, and to the bartenders, busboys and valets, I am sorry, ladies & gents. I hope at the very least you make a lot of dough.

But tonight, at Hotel Cafe, if football is not your jam or if futbol is but not football, then I recommend you check out my good friend, Michiko Freemond. She's a little Joni Mitchell, a little Tom Waits, and add in some Lucinda and you got it. Here's Michiko and a video she cut when recording with Brant Biles. [VIDEO LINK]

Tix are available on The Hotel Cafe website but you probably can take advantage of Superbowl Sunday, get there at 6:30 and not pay the upcharge you might on the website.

It's 11 bucks to get in the door. Below is Michiko at her Molly Malone's show:
Hotel Cafe is at 1623 1/2 Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028. 323.461.2040. It's 3 blocks west of Vine between Sunset and Hollywood. If you don't find street parking, there's parking at the yogurt place, on Selma and Cahuenga for 5 bucks.

Here's more info: PARKING AT THE HOTEL CAFE.

And if you want to get weird with genre bending music, stick around. At 8p, The Evangenitals play.

I am so pissed I'm sick! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Rolling Stones at The Taschen Gallery -- Get What You Need

I had SOOOOOO much fun yesterday. Oh my God. It was one of those freedom days. One of those alive days. And unexpected. Completely unplanned. Which is always the best.
Mick agger
Sexy hot and unfair, Photo by Ethan Russell, 1972. The Official name of this photograph is "Lips."
I had to go to the WGA and because of that, I ended up seeing my friend, Adco, at Joan's on 3rd for an impromptu friend date. I have to do a real post for Joan's on 3rd but I will say this, as hoighty toighty as it is, it's also incredibly relaxed and it has a DAMN good cup of coffee (and super good crispy bacon. I didn't even know they served breakfast and you  know  how into breakfast I am these days). I also want to say seeing Adam reminds me of all that is good: cars, music, art, New York, our mutual friend, Dina and The Rolling Stones.

So it made good sense that on my way home I stopped by the Taschen Gallery to see The Stones show. Earlier in the morning I drove by and remembered Ad had attended the opening night for the exhibit. I remembered the pictures and it looked like fun but forgot. And then boom, I saw this...
Tashen Gallery
...on the corner of Beverly and Crescent Heights. 

When I was growing up I was obsessed with/scared by/attracted to The Rolling Stones. But it was in NYC with my Tall Friend Jen that I became completely, irrationally obsessed. To date, Mick is the only rock star I've ever had a sex dream about and I gotta admit the truth, I'm pretty proud of that.
My boyfriend, Mick Jagger. Photo by Jean-Marie Perier, Paris, 1966
You probably know about Taschen because of their famous Dian Hanson books.
You've seen them for years. They're known as the "sexy books." And there's a great article I recently read about Dian Hanson in Believer Mag. Check it out.

But this exhibit is Taschen's first here in LA. They opened mid-December and way to open! With The Stones! Nice! Because it's been such a success, they've extended the photographic exhibit - which has close to 100 photos throughout the years - to February 15th. And you know, you think Taschen, you think books. So of course, there's a huge and luscious Stones book with the pics from the exhibit on sale for $150. And because it's Taschen, there's also a mega 5k book with all The Stones signatures...
Yari from Taschen displaying their Sumo Rolling Stones Book with The Fella's Signatures
I'm thrilled a piece of history, culture, England, New York -- home -- is in LA. The exhibit is curated by Reuel Golden and the photographers are iconic. You'll see the works of masters such as David Bailey, Anton Corbijn, Gered Mankowitz, Terry Richardson, Dominique Tarle, and Albert Watson here. AND it's all for sale. 
The Taschen Gallery
Knowing they've extended it, I'm sure to go back. And listen, they have The Stones playing continuously while you're there. What's not to like?

Speaking of, driving home, I put on the radio and "Miss You" came on. A sunny day, in LA. Seeing one of my best friends, getting an eyefull of Mick, Keith, Brian, Charlie, Ronnie, Bill. Then driving home on the freeway to "Miss You"? 
Brian Jones by Bent Rej taken in 1965 in London at Brian's home.
You gotta love LA.

Joan's on 3rd is at 8530 West 3rd. There's another location at 12059 Ventura Boulevard in Studio city. Street Parking available. Always check your meter. It gets vicious around here.

The Taschen Gallery is at 8070 Beverly Boulevard. LA, CA 90048. 323.852.9098. Hours of Operation is Tuesday thru Saturday 11-6PM and Sunday 12 to 5PM. And by Appointment. PS: Don't be afraid. It's free!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Maud Simmons is The Artist on The Stairwell

Maude Simmons
This Monday night there'll be an art party for my good friend, the very talented Maud Simmons, at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. Maud's been chosen by the store to be their next Artist on the Stairwell. Every 6 weeks or so Vroman's highlights a different local artist, which I think is extremely cool as is Maud. She does big and small and everything in between. One of my favorite quotes from her is Give me a surface and I will paint on it, draw on it, paste on it. The series on display will be her gouache shoe series. Gouache is a type of watercolor, done in layers, and Maud's chosen a subject, something we see every day, and made it the focal point.
shoes art
Brown Furry Clog
Maud's work has appeared at different galleries throughout LA as well as on TV shows, films and she does private commissions as well, re-masters, and of course plenty of original pieces and series.
LA Landspace.
My Painting by Maud
Frankly, I don't think Maud sleeps and that might be a problem.
Black Patent Leather, by Maud Simmons
Vroman's is a very special store. It's the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California. And when I say largest, I mean it is large and in charge. It's not just books or art. There are t-shirts, kid's toys (not to mention a world-famous kid's books dept.), yoga gear, games, gorgeous jewelry, mugs, wonderful perfumes - like Tokyo Milk, worth it tchotchkes, and they have a kick-ass Pens & Stationary Department, which is where the artist receptions are held.
40 year old virgins
A scene from 40 Year Old Virgin shot at Vroman's Bookstore
They'll have wine and cheese and stuff like that plus live music. AND Maudy's gonna be there. You kind of can't get better than that.
Italian Sandal
Afterward, you might want to check out an independent film over at The Laemmle's, which is right next store, and one of my favorite pizza places is just a block and a half away: Settebello's. They serve Naples-style pizza. It's absolutely delicious and a really nice atmosphere.

Vroman's is at 695 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 626.449.5320. Though they have a parking lot, if it's full, you can look for parking on either Union or Oak Knoll -- always check the signs, they do give out tickets in these parts. If worse comes to worse you can try parking in the Target parking lot. You're not really supposed to but you know, wink wink. As for the art, the party's Monday evening and her art will be on display and for sale through February.

Laemmle's of Pasadena is at 673 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 310.478.3836.

Settebello's is at 625 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 626.765.9550. The Diavola is divine. Just sayin.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King speaks on KPFK - It will move you to listen just a little while.

Anyone who's interested today, KPFK  (90.7FM) is playing Martin Luther Speeches all day.
Here's the schedule:

Detailed schedule of KPFK’s programming on Monday the 19th
6am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
7am       Connect the Dots (with a commentary on Dr. King’s legacy)
8am       Democracy Now special featuring the King’s 1967 speech at Riverside Church in New York City at which he came
out against the Vietnam  War
9am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
10am     Letters and Politics on the life and legacy of Dr. King
11am     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour One:
                                On the Power of Peaceful Persuasion – June 24, 1957
                                The Future of Integration – June 1961 (at Ford Hall in NYC)
Noon     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Two
                                We Want to be Free Speech – May 26, 1963 (in Los Angeles at Wrigley Field)
                                Discussions of a Complete Life – January 1962
1pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Three
                                America Chief Moral Dilemma – May 17, 1967 (in Berkeley at Sproul Hall)
2pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Four
                                But If Not – November 1967 (in Atlanta)
                                Men and Women in the Arts Concerned with Vietnam – March 16, 1968 (in LA)
3pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Five
                                Dimensions of a Complete Life – January 1962 (at Yale)
                                Domestic Urgencies vs. Military Costs – February 25, 1967 (in LA)
                                The Civil Rights Movement and its Goals for the Future - April 14, 1967 (at Stanford)
                                Memorium in Central Park the Day After MLK was Assassinated
4pm       From the Vault Documentary on the “I Have A Dream” Speech
5pm       From the Vault Documentary that includes the entire 1964 speech from London, England that was recently
discovered by the Pacifica Radio Archives

Currently they're playing a speech he did in the Hollywood Hills at a private home. He was introduced by James Baldwin. Incredible. Made my heart beat faster. It's amazing how far we've come and how sad it is we still have racism, anger, violence towards innocents... Incredible how prescient, moving and important it is to hear The Great Doctor.

And this speech in particular was taped by KPFK and preserved back in 1968.


"If the Haves are willing to join hands with the hands with the Have Nots, it wouldn't take much." - Martin Luther King


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fielding & Friends

My good friend is performing in and hosting a stand-up show in West Hollywood tonight which I highly recommend!
UPDATE: This showtime is at 10PM. They changed the time.
Just a little info about the performers: Michael Kosta  is star of Fox Sports "Crowd Goes Wild." He can also be seen regularly performing on late night TV, including The Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately.  Kira Soltanovich  is  a  stand-up with her own Showtime special, who's writing credits include writing for the late great Joan Rivers. Andrew Donnelly is a comedic actor whose credits include Archer and Happy Endings.  Shelagh Ratner  is  a  Moth performer who's also the Winner of the Funniest Female Flappers. The sexy Scout Durwood  is a Moth Story Slam Champion who you've most recently seen on Mindy. And finally the cute and very hilarious Fielding Edlow. Fielding is  a comedic actress, writer, playwright and stand-up, who's film DVR was chosen as an Official Selection at The Palm Springs and LA Shorts Film Festival and who put this whole thing together and does so every month.


Bar Lubitsch, is on Santa Monica Boulevard between Spaulding & Stanley. 323.654.1234. Street parking available, though always check the signs. Show starts at 10pm.