Friday, January 23, 2015

Maud Simmons is The Artist on The Stairwell

Maude Simmons
This Monday night there'll be an art party for my good friend, the very talented Maud Simmons, at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. Maud's been chosen by the store to be their next Artist on the Stairwell. Every 6 weeks or so Vroman's highlights a different local artist, which I think is extremely cool as is Maud. She does big and small and everything in between. One of my favorite quotes from her is Give me a surface and I will paint on it, draw on it, paste on it. The series on display will be her gouache shoe series. Gouache is a type of watercolor, done in layers, and Maud's chosen a subject, something we see every day, and made it the focal point.
shoes art
Brown Furry Clog
Maud's work has appeared at different galleries throughout LA as well as on TV shows, films and she does private commissions as well, re-masters, and of course plenty of original pieces and series.
LA Landspace.
My Painting by Maud
Frankly, I don't think Maud sleeps and that might be a problem.
Black Patent Leather, by Maud Simmons
Vroman's is a very special store. It's the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California. And when I say largest, I mean it is large and in charge. It's not just books or art. There are t-shirts, kid's toys (not to mention a world-famous kid's books dept.), yoga gear, games, gorgeous jewelry, mugs, wonderful perfumes - like Tokyo Milk, worth it tchotchkes, and they have a kick-ass Pens & Stationary Department, which is where the artist receptions are held.
40 year old virgins
A scene from 40 Year Old Virgin shot at Vroman's Bookstore
They'll have wine and cheese and stuff like that plus live music. AND Maudy's gonna be there. You kind of can't get better than that.
Italian Sandal
Afterward, you might want to check out an independent film over at The Laemmle's, which is right next store, and one of my favorite pizza places is just a block and a half away: Settebello's. They serve Naples-style pizza. It's absolutely delicious and a really nice atmosphere.

Vroman's is at 695 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 626.449.5320. Though they have a parking lot, if it's full, you can look for parking on either Union or Oak Knoll -- always check the signs, they do give out tickets in these parts. If worse comes to worse you can try parking in the Target parking lot. You're not really supposed to but you know, wink wink. As for the art, the party's Monday evening and her art will be on display and for sale through February.

Laemmle's of Pasadena is at 673 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 310.478.3836.

Settebello's is at 625 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91101. 626.765.9550. The Diavola is divine. Just sayin.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King speaks on KPFK - It will move you to listen just a little while.

Anyone who's interested today, KPFK  (90.7FM) is playing Martin Luther Speeches all day.
Here's the schedule:

Detailed schedule of KPFK’s programming on Monday the 19th
6am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
7am       Connect the Dots (with a commentary on Dr. King’s legacy)
8am       Democracy Now special featuring the King’s 1967 speech at Riverside Church in New York City at which he came
out against the Vietnam  War
9am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
10am     Letters and Politics on the life and legacy of Dr. King
11am     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour One:
                                On the Power of Peaceful Persuasion – June 24, 1957
                                The Future of Integration – June 1961 (at Ford Hall in NYC)
Noon     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Two
                                We Want to be Free Speech – May 26, 1963 (in Los Angeles at Wrigley Field)
                                Discussions of a Complete Life – January 1962
1pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Three
                                America Chief Moral Dilemma – May 17, 1967 (in Berkeley at Sproul Hall)
2pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Four
                                But If Not – November 1967 (in Atlanta)
                                Men and Women in the Arts Concerned with Vietnam – March 16, 1968 (in LA)
3pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Five
                                Dimensions of a Complete Life – January 1962 (at Yale)
                                Domestic Urgencies vs. Military Costs – February 25, 1967 (in LA)
                                The Civil Rights Movement and its Goals for the Future - April 14, 1967 (at Stanford)
                                Memorium in Central Park the Day After MLK was Assassinated
4pm       From the Vault Documentary on the “I Have A Dream” Speech
5pm       From the Vault Documentary that includes the entire 1964 speech from London, England that was recently
discovered by the Pacifica Radio Archives

Currently they're playing a speech he did in the Hollywood Hills at a private home. He was introduced by James Baldwin. Incredible. Made my heart beat faster. It's amazing how far we've come and how sad it is we still have racism, anger, violence towards innocents... Incredible how prescient, moving and important it is to hear The Great Doctor.

And this speech in particular was taped by KPFK and preserved back in 1968.


"If the Haves are willing to join hands with the hands with the Have Nots, it wouldn't take much." - Martin Luther King


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fielding & Friends

My good friend is performing in and hosting a stand-up show in West Hollywood tonight which I highly recommend!
UPDATE: This showtime is at 10PM. They changed the time.
Just a little info about the performers: Michael Kosta  is star of Fox Sports "Crowd Goes Wild." He can also be seen regularly performing on late night TV, including The Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately.  Kira Soltanovich  is  a  stand-up with her own Showtime special, who's writing credits include writing for the late great Joan Rivers. Andrew Donnelly is a comedic actor whose credits include Archer and Happy Endings.  Shelagh Ratner  is  a  Moth performer who's also the Winner of the Funniest Female Flappers. The sexy Scout Durwood  is a Moth Story Slam Champion who you've most recently seen on Mindy. And finally the cute and very hilarious Fielding Edlow. Fielding is  a comedic actress, writer, playwright and stand-up, who's film DVR was chosen as an Official Selection at The Palm Springs and LA Shorts Film Festival and who put this whole thing together and does so every month.


Bar Lubitsch, is on Santa Monica Boulevard between Spaulding & Stanley. 323.654.1234. Street parking available, though always check the signs. Show starts at 10pm.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is Breakfast Having a Resurgence in LA?

Cindy's Diner
I almost feel like breakfast is a young person's game. From college on you go out to breakfast, often to recover and soak up the memories from the night before. But once real adulthood sets in (for us Americans this is after 40) breakfast is a completely home-type thing. The days of the diner and the restaurant before 11AM are rare occasions for me. My breakfast, almost every morning, consists of one or two rice cakes with avocado on them, two Morningstar Breakfast patties, and if I'm really hungry, scrambled eggs with dill & pepper. Like clockwork. Wanna come over? And if I run out of eggs I have oatmeal. That's the long and short. The skinny. The home-cooked, home-ate, let's-get-on-with-the-day breakfast. Oh, and coffee but that's a no-brainer.

But I stabbed myself in the hand this morning.
Crazy home-made bandage contraption made by my husband
While trying to cut the pit out of an avocado I deeply punctured right into the middle of my palm. I mean this is the kind of wound that tougher sorts wouldn't have cried over and certainly wouldn't have suggested going to the ER for. My husband assured me it was not hospital-worthy. But he was nice enough to not make fun of the fact that tears were streaming down my face and even went so far as to cut special bandaids to deal with the awkward location of this deep, very painful injury. (I really should be in a hospital right now).

But so... breakfast. Breakfast still needed to be eaten. Most important meal of the day, some believe. AND I just finished a script and wanted to take it easy, celebrate. Or celebrate-adjacent. So I texted my friend Max.
"Can't keep on doing it" refers to the making of my breakfast. 
So Max met my husband and I over at Cindy's which I've been hearing about and driving by FOREVER. I totally thought nothing would ever go into this spot that remained empty for what seemed far too long. And then this diner rumored to have fantastic food just appeared from heaven.

Described by the new owners (who own Firefly in South Pas) as old school aesthetics mixed with new school flavors, Cindy's offers morning faire such as a Creamed Kale Omelet ($10), a Fried Egg Sandwich with Tabasco Mayo ($8.50), and a Potato Beet Pancake plate with stewed apple and dill cream ($9.50).

At first blush, I can certainly say, they got that old-school aesthetic down. The interior is out of Retro Diner Central. Orange seats. Imperfect and comf booths. Cool lighting:
Retro Interios
But listen, I'm a New Yorker. I'm skeptical and I'm hard on breakfast places. I've been going to diners since I was a kid (The Hastings Diner which had a kick-ass Cherry Coke) and then for big hangover breakfasts in Boston during college and NYC during "The Lost Decade." In my expert opinion, I know this is what a diner's supposed to look like. But one question remained-- would the food be good? Worth it? Reliable? I mean I don't know how fancy I want this stuff to get. Usually fancy means heavy, gloppy, weird, and a stomach ache later. 
Roasted Mushroom Omelette
Cindy's Roasted Mushroom Omelet
It's rare I'll only go somewhere once and blog about it but I'm telling you, Cindy's ranks. Completely, utterly, one billion percent worth it. This New Yorker says GO. It's that yummy and you won't regret it.

I got the Roasted Mushroom Omelet (pictured above for $11) which had these carmelized onions inside, reminding me of wine-y, stew-y French onion soup onions, a nice smattering of bleu cheese that must have been somehow magically melted into the eggs themselves, and a non-overpowering parsley pesto dabbed on top. I never eat pesto in anything really except for pasta and every now and again, I'll partake if it's a part of some appetizer. But this was perfect: subtly prepared and not more than a tablespoon.

Restraint. I like it. Dang, Cindy's!

My husband got the Noah's Ark for 9 bucks.
The blue Palet Speical

2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon. In other words, "The Uuuuushe." Terry said the bacon was good. "Nicely cooked," her muttered, in his best Tom Colicchio. High praise from TD. Max said she really liked her Mediterranean Scramble ($8.50) with spinach and feta and oregano. While she wasn't raving, she looked happy and sated.

I don't know. Maybe breakfast is simply making a personal comeback with me. Between Blu-Jam, Eggslut, Elsa's & now Cindy's, I think I might be getting down with the early morning dining experience. It's cheaper than eating out pretty much any other time of the day and breakfast just isn't that easy to master so when someone does it right, you want to go back. You want to try everything.

In other words, call me. I'm in.

Cindy's is at 1500 Colorado Boulevard just a block up from Trader Joe's and across from Little Beast. Look for the vintage 60 year old Landmark sign if you're confused at all! 323.257.7353. They're open Tuesday thru Sunday. Breakfast is from 7 to 11, Lunch from 11 to 3, and Dinner from 5 to Close (whatever that means). They're open for Brunch, Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 3pm. And they do catering. You can park in their parking lot and there's plenty of street parking.

Enjoy! I'll be at Cedar's!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eggslut: Don't Come When You're Hungry.

For The Eggslut Line might I suggest you bring a book?
When I first moved to LA no one went downtown. If they did, they were nervous. Or there was a story. Or they were going to volunteer. And they hated the streets - hated driving. No one seemed to live there, eat there, shop there--go there. 
Bilkes Los Angeles
Park your bike outside of the GCM
And yet there were always people who'd say, "It's really fun downtown" or "You ever think of living there? There're some really nice lofts." Well, that kind of talk can go on for years and years and years and the few times you give it a chance you're like, "Okay, that was gross" or "Okay, I get it. For these two blocks it was nice but then I'm done" or "The Disney Concert Hall is nice" or "It's funky. What an amazing art scene." But on the regular? Not so much.
Garnd Central Market
The Exterior of Grand Central Market
Then suddenly downtown and the promise of downtown merged into one. For me this occurred about two years ago, though in reality it might have begun in 2003 with The Staples Center and began really peaking starting around 2011. More shops and businesses popped up. Food wasn't in just a two block radius and some of the finest restaurants could be found there (Bestia, Faith & Flower). Combined with the improvement of the city's Metro system, Downtown was easier to get to, easier to leave. And yes, it finally felt like it arrived.  

At that time I was volunteering at an awesome non-profit located by Skid Row (School On Wheels). Because of this I became more comfortable. I drove in and dove in. It's not like I hadn't already found some great stuff: the Library, Wurtschuche, The Lazy Ox Canteen, Mo-Chica, Disney Concert Hall, MOCA... But one night, around when I began this blog, I finally did something truly freeing. I hit The Downtown LA Art Walk (the next one is January 8th) and had one of the best nights of my life. I felt alive. It was exhilarating. It wasn't that all the danger was removed but the city was populated. And it wasn't just for two blocks. It was for stretches and stretches and stretches. 
Since then, I'm a convert. Downtown isn't just one art night, one restaurant or one cool building. And it has the ever so original Grand Central Market, a 98 year old food court, housed in the Homer Laughlin Building on Broadway and 4th. The GCM is the city's largest public market, completely emblematic of who us Angelenos were, are and in ways, will always be.
The Grand Central Market
But I had already been there. And though I'd been hearing about the renovations, how new restaurants had stalls there, there was a lot to choose from. What was worth it? Where to go? What to do? It was kind of overwhelming. 
Then one night, when at one of Mark Peel's pop up restaurants (he's opening a place in the GCM soon enough) he told us about a fantastically named eatery: Eggslut. "Eggslut. Don't you love that? What a great name." I was like, "Egg...what? Slut?" And I thought, That is brilliant. I gotta check that out.
Egg Slut
Eggslut started as a food truck in 2011 by Chef Alvin Cailan, a native Angeleno who felt a void for good breakfast in LA. But in early 2014 he brought his very successful Egg biznass to The Grand Central Market. The lines that had once queued for his truck, now were doing so in The GCM. Frankly I'm embarrassed I hadn't heard of it before. Seemed everyone and their mother had. 

My first venture to ES was with my friend Lynda, a Kiwi, who, it turns out, had already been to Eggslut, worships Eggslut, LOVES Eggslut. At the mere mention she was like, "Yes, let's go there. Can't wait." I tumbled downtown, wearing paper on my feet, excited to take the plunge. The paper because I had just gotten a pedi. By the way, the Grand Central Market isn't exactly where you want to wear paper shoes but you know, us girls have to stay coiffed... 
Anyway, Lynda and I were on line, talking about her new boyfriend and chatting it up with the woman in front of us while perusing the menu when I realized we were talking to a stranger. That's the thing about the line at Eggslut: you're going to be there for awhile and you might make friends if you're even remotely friendly. As Angelenos, we're not used to this. We don't know how to do this. We're always in our cars or not wanting to leave our houses or apartments. 
Cave Dwelling Angelenos
But Lynda's from New Zealand and is a journalist and I'm from New York and can't shut up so it was inevitable. Still nothing and no one could interfere with the uber important discussion we were about to make regarding what to order. We knew we had to get three dishes because we had to try as much as possible. Lynda suggested the Slut and The Gaucho. For the life of me, I can't remember the third.

The Slut, for nine bucks, is a coddled egg on a potato puree, served in a glass jar. I seriously almost threw up hearing the glass jar bit. Lynda encouraged me to soldier on. 
The Eggslut Slut, 9 bucks.
As for The Gaucho, Lynda said it was "Amazing" when she had it last. This is how the restaurant describes it:
The Gaucho
Let's start with The Slut. She is sublime. You break that little yolk, mix it with that buttery potato mush stuff and holy mother of God, if you're hungover, you will be in heaven. If you love eggs, you will be in heaven. If you have any taste buds at all, you will be in heaven.

The second dish, The Gaucho, was extremely well designed flavor-wise. The steak is high quality, and I love the combo of spicy arugula with manchego cheese, but truthfully, it's really a bitch to eat. They don't cut up the steak much so you kind of have to be VERY comfortable with the one you're with if you're going to eat this sucker. But really, if you're not comfortable looking a little disgusting, I don't think I even want to know you. 

Like I said, I can't remember dish 3. Didn't take notes. Kind of was in a black out. Which was a shame. Except for the little annoying realization which is: I'd have to go back!

So yesterday, the dreariest day in LA -- it looked like Paris outside without the Paris - I returned. I had plans with my friend, Laurie, who's very encouraging about the blog and thought Eggslutting would be a fun activity for the two of us to do. I love my friends.

This time the line was the line I'd heard about. Lynda and I had only to wait 20 minutes. Yesterday, I think Laurie and I were waiting for 45 before ordering and then it took another 20 for our order to be up.

It was worth the wait.

Laurie was still a bit under the weather from the holidays so we didn't really split our food. I recommended she have the Egg Slut. I decided to go for The Fairfax. Once our food was up, we couldn't find anywhere to sit - the place was packed. 
Started wandering around the market. Nothing. Then a security man eschewed us to the bbq place attached to the other side, near G & B Coffee. I wasn't so sure it was PC but I didn't care. My eggs were getting cold.

We sat down, looked at one another, had that eye contact of: Let's do this. But there was a pause. Listen, a lot rides on when you recommend something to someone and they actually order it. Due to that commitment and neurosis, I had one bite of Laurie's just to make sure it was up to par before she got her post holiday germs all over it. Just to make sure it was good. Swear! No! I'm lying! I just wanted to taste it again! And yes, I can confirm: that one bite was amazing. Yet I'm surprised I have any memory of it as I soon became so immersed in my mess of a Fairfax. In fact I forgot to ask her how she liked her coddled egg until she was almost through with it. This is how she described it: "Comforting and satisfying." 

As any good slut should be.

As for The Fairfax, Sweet Jesus I found my breakfast. It was a sloppy mess of a soft scrambled egg sandwich. The buttery brioche mixed with the cheddar, oy gevalt! And that nice kick of sriracha. Honestly, I'm a decent cook. I really don't understand why I can't make this at home but I can't. I know I can't replicate it. Frankly it's gotta be the butter. I'd never use the amount of butter that I'm sure is used at this restaurant that makes it so freakin good. Which is fine. I'll just come back. 
The Fairsvs
Run, don't walk
Happiness is a Warm Egg, bang bang shoot shoot

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas and Tamale Alert

Some of THE BEST TAMALES I HAVE EVER EATEN are being sold for the holiday season at Grassroots  on Oxley & Fair Oaks in South Pas. The last day to order your Tamales for Christmas is Monday and maybe that's not your tradition but I urge you to start.

Dense but not heavy tasting, authentic, seasoned perfectly, simple and fresh and filled with certified organic white corn, non-GMO masa, no lard, no hormones, no anti-biotics - the flavor, the quality, the homemade-ness of these are OUTSTANDING.

And I think they're making thousands. I'm serious. Varieties include Green Chile & Cheese (that's what I had. That's two of what I had), Beef Machaca, Savory Organic Jack Fruit - which is loaded with zinc so it's like a healthy tamale, Chicken, Shredded Pork-- I know,  you wouldn't think they'd have pork, but they're letting down their hippie locks for Christmas - in other words, they've got all the hits. Oh, and though I found them moist, steamy and delicious they do offer traditional red sauce and green chile verde sauce. Also homemade and also perfectly traditional and super enhancing to the tamale.

You can order in bulk if you want some for a party but again, last day to order is Monday for pick up the 23rd and 24th. I'm planning on bringing some on the plane - the woman there told me they travel well. And you can order them now, freeze them and have them any time. There's an idea.

I promise more pictures in the future but today I simply wolfed down lunch without blinking or thinking that I would want to post about it. I was famished and man, these hit the spot! And normally I wouldn't impulsively write but because time is of the essence, I wanted you to know what was up.


Grassroots Natural Market and Bar is located at 1119 Fair Oaks Boulevard. T: 626.799.0156. On Instagram +GrassrootsNMK

Friday, November 14, 2014

Favorite Store Alert: Mush

I don't know how I get so side-tracked. I constantly think I'm not busy at all and then weeks go by and I'm like Oh my God I have a freakin blog! Shit! 
It's like exercise for me. When I exercise, even after a respite, I remember why I do it. BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD. Same with the blog. It makes me feel good. And really for many reasons: I get to write differently, it's a true hobby with no monetary gain to be had (meaning I don't have to answer to anyone), hopefully I'm helping people find out about some very good under-the-radar places and things in LA they might not know about otherwise and finally, writing these posts remind me of how much beauty is all around me... if I just look.
Cythia Greenburg
I'm so grateful to those in LA - the small business owners especially - who take the time to make their store just right; those who choose what they sell so carefully. They're like curators to me. And there's one person in particular who really speaks to me. I see her as much an artist as a store owner. This would be Michelle van der Heijden, owner of Mush in Silverlake.
I first met Michelle and her husband Emmanuel Todorov when they started Mush over in the Little Armenia section of Hollywood. They were right on the Boulevard, near a cafe and a Boxes Etc. store. Frankly I have no idea what drew me to the store - wasn't THE nicest block I ever saw. Maybe I liked the name. Mush. Never asked her where that came from. Fun to say. Muuuuuuush. Now that I think about it, they always had these wind chimes hanging in front. And they weren't frou frou or flowery. They looked mod and cool and like if I had the perfect home they would be hanging in it (or outside of it). Yeah, I guess it made sense why I went in.

And go in I would. For every single occasion. I don't have a friend who doesn't have a present from me from Mush (Louise's birthday scarf, Max's earrings, a candle for Ellen). There was stuff for me too. Of course. I remember when I fell in love with a piece of art from Maud Simmons. It was a little out of my range but Michelle and her husband put me on a payment plan. I don't think I paid interest. And now it hangs in my home. Where it was always meant to be.
Art by Maud Simmons
But rent went up in their 'hood and they needed to get out. I ended up writing a little article about when they finally found their new home for The Eastsider. (That's a free little online rag if you ever want to get super local. Anyway...)

Their new spot is on the 7-11 side of the strip of Silverlake Boulevard below The Reservoir. Mush is on the same side as Spaceland but down a ways, across from Yolk. There are a lot of stores in this small area vying for your attention. And without making a big to do about it, Michelle always puts something outside that catches my eye. Last time I was there it was $3.00 TV Guides.
The Cobys TV Guide
This Bill Cosby stuff is beyond disturbing. And don't you think that TV Guide might be worth more than 3 bucks? For such an awful reason. Yikes. Yikes Yikes Yikes.
Vitage TV Guide

Phil Donaho

The other places might seem nice but this place has my number. It's as eclectic as I think I am. I don't know if I really am but you know, I'm not one thing. I'm not just mid-century modern or totally Art Deco. I'm a bit of this and that.

When I go in I'm always ALWAYS so pleasantly surprised. Michelle scours the freakin planet to get the stuff I think she herself would like to own or at the very least, stuff which brings up feelings or a memory for her. I often envision her with one of those beeping gadgets walking on the beach, combing for metals.
And because I'm not willing to rifle through the world's stuff to find all the gems, I'm glad she is.
Vitage Children's Furniture
Vintage Children's Rocking Chair $85. Dangerous $110.
But don't be mistaken. It's not all vintage. It's a mix-up of old and new - and it all has a story; a history...
Navajo Royston Turquoise Jewelry
Last time I was in, Michelle told me about these beautiful pieces of Navajo jewelry. They aren't vintage but they're made by the same tribe with methods passed down for generations. There is a resurgence and truly they are so special. The turquoise is real (which is a big deal since most of it has been mined to death) and frankly I don't even love Turquoise. It's maybe my least favorite part of visiting New Mexico, but I go for this Nevadan Royston blue.  


Some of her pieces are just fun. Fun to look at, fun to touch, fun to feel. 
Fabulous Vintage 80's Mesh Necklace for $75
The above necklace or better yet neck piece is like this coin purse my mom gave to me when I was a kid that I loved to mush around in my fingers or suck on when no one was looking. (Addict in the making). With the right plunging neckline, this thing would kill.

There's also a splash of cuteness here and there. Case in point, this cherub...
Cute as shit cherub playing the flute, $125
And this adorable vintage Bull Dog that could be a door stop or your pretend dog if you're allergic.
Authentic Cast Iron Bull Dog out of Boston for $275.
The knives are apparently a favorite with vegans.
Pewter & Silver Steak Knives. $275 for a set of 6
But remember those gifts?  If you're like me $275 might be a bit pricey for a friend's birthday (if not, look me up). Mush carries those things you can just run in on your way to a birthday dinner and you know there'll be something.
k.hall soaps & candles
The above is a good example. Michelle says she's been stocking k.hall for years because people love and come back for their products. The soaps are only $12 and one bar can last up to 2 months.
These necklaces are kick-ass as well. The chains are gold-filled and the stones are Chalcedony. $35 to $54 each. 

As you can see, there's a bit of everything. It all comes together. Old and new work so seamlessly in tandem. Because it all comes from one eye. One sense of style.
The phone WORKS! From the 40's. Only one owner. Super score. 
Oh my God. I wrote all this stuff and just realized regardless of why she called it Mush I get in my mind what it means. Everything all together WORKS. Duh. Just took me 7 years to figure that one out.

Mush is at 1617 Silverlake Boulevard, Silverlake, LA 90026. 323.664.6874. Through the end of the year, they'll be open every day from 10am to 6:30pm. Street parking available but always check the signs. Also if you're not in LA but interested in what they have to offer, go to their very vibrant and active online store. You'll find a lot more furniture there as well as stuff not found in their store. They ship anywhere. Check out for more info.
Wooden Bowls, hand-turned by Gerry Martin. From $65-260.

*The Tiger's head is a prop from the 80's with realistic glass eyes. Signed by the artist. $250.00